The Queen Creek Kiwanis Club actively serves our community, enriching the lives of residents.  Your local Kiwanians serve on various committees to help fulfill the needs of our residents.  Take a look and see all we do!

Annual Queen Creek Holiday Festival and Parade

Monica O'Toole - Chairperson;

Chris Clark and Dave Gast - Co-chairmen for the Queen Creek Boys and Girls Club

Kiwanis Key Clubs

ASU Preparatory Academy High School - James Skiotes and Dr. Mark Duplissis;

Queen Creek High School - Robert Whaley;

Membership Chairman

James Skiotes;

Committee Members - All Kiwanis Club members

Boy Scout/Cub Scout Troop 735

Jerry Waling - Chairperson;

James Bradley, Troop leader

Trunk or Treat

Jerry Waling and James Skiotes - Co-chairmen;,

3rd Grader Free Dictionary Program

Maria Sliva - Chairperson;

High School Scholarship Program

Bob Whaley and Jim Skiotes - Co-chairmen;,

Committee: Rose Ann Dobson, Leah Gumm, Maria Silvas;,

Student of the Month Program

Bob Whaley chairperson:

Swift Charities for Children, Kiwanis Club Clothing Donation Boxes

Bob Whaley and James Skiotes, co-chairmen;,

Relay for Life Cancer Crusade

Jerry Waling - Chairperson;

Eliminate Project (maternal/neonatal tetanus)

Leah Gumm - Chairperson;

Publicist and Marketing

Leah Gumm - Chairperson;

Special Note: Although some people are listed as primary committee members all Kiwanis members are adjunct members of all committees in an effort to experience success in our endeavor to "help the children of the world."