Club Officers 2016-2017

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors. 

Jim Skiotes, President                        Troy Young, President Elect

Jerry Waling, Past President

Rose Ann Haw Secretary                      Monica O'Toole, Treasurer                                                

Andrea Reyes                                            George Mulloy
Jon Morris                                                      Megan Morris
Past Presidents 

Jerry Waling, 2015-2016

Troy Young, 2014-2015

Maria Silva, 2013-2014

Jim Skiotes, 2012-2013

Al Reyes, 2011-2012  

Don Miller, 2010 - 2011
Jerry Waling, 2009-2010
Jerry Waling, 2008-2009
Monica O'Toole, 2007-2008
Bill Wade, 2006-2007  
Kit Pearl, 2005-2006

              , 2003-2004
Robert Waley, 2002-2003